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What You Need to Know Before Setting Up Your Smart Home

By admin  /  August 21, 2017
There’s nothing more stressful than wondering if you left the garage door open or remembered to set your security alarm...
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Preparing for Summer Vacation: Keep Your Home Safe While You’re Away

By admin  /  May 31, 2017
Are you ready for summer travel season? With school almost finished for the year, many people already have vacation plans...
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Getting started with Echo + smart home

By admin  /  April 14, 2017
If you're reading this blog, my bet is that you have both an Amazon Echo product – either an Echo...
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Setting scenes: The magic of smart homes

By admin  /  February 23, 2017
The concept of home lighting is pretty simple: you hit a switch, the room is illuminated. The light switch functionality...
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Smart Home Basic Starter Kit Start small, Start smart

By admin  /  January 31, 2017
Here comes spring!! With the days starting to getting longer and the weather getting "warmer", you're no doubt starting to...
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Smarten Up Your Home

By admin  /  December 14, 2016
It's easy to think smart home technology as a mere convenience—something to save you a few steps walking between the...
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3 Ways Home Automation Can Help Your Family

By admin  /  December 14, 2016
How can home automation actually make life better for you and your family? It's a question we hear all the...
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How do I get started with Z-Wave?

By admin  /  August 25, 2016
There are 3 Parts to a Z-Wave system A Z-Wave Controller – The Brain of the System. Sensors – These...
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How the Integration of Smart Home Devices can Save Homeowners Money

By admin  /  August 23, 2016
Looking to save money? Before you think about cutting back on dinners out or skimping on your next family holiday,...
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Z-Wave to the Rescue: Prevent Water Damage

By admin  /  August 22, 2016
Whether its Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn, the Irish weather is unpredictable. One thing we are sure of, is that...
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Most versatile Z-Wave device goes to… Piper!

By admin  /  August 21, 2016
If you've been searching for an affordable do-it-yourself home security solution that's simple to install, simple to operate, fee-free, and...
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