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Z-Wave Thermostat & Receiver

The Secure Wall Thermostat and Receiver set is designed to control hot-water heating systems and underfloor heating systems. The Secure Wall Thermostat monitors room temperature and can be manually operated by the user or remotely operated via Z-Wave to set the desired temperature. The Thermostat sends instructions to the Secure Boiler Receiver to operate the hot water boiler.

TPI energy saving software
Compatible with most heating systems.
Proven Z-wave wireless technology.
Features a constant RF status display, its receiver is mains powered with volt free contacts.
Uses 2 AAA batteries
Battery life in excess of two years


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Wall Thermostat

The battery operated wall thermostat enables you to set the temperature of the room it is located in. When this temperature is reached, the thermostat instructs the Boiler Receiver (via Z-Wave) to switch the boiler on or off.

The unit’s LCD displays the target room temperature and by pressing the ‘temperature setting dial’ it will display the actual room temperature. It can also be operated using any Z-Wave remote or central controller.

Boiler Receiver

The Z-Wave controlled relay switch controls the water boiler and can operate loads of up to 3A. It includes manual On/Off buttons and LEDs to indicate the boiler’s current state.


Technical Details

Technology: Z-Wave (868.42MHz)
Thermostat temperature range: 5 – 30°C
Receiver Load: 3A / 230V (Max)
Power: 2x AAA batteries (Thermostat), 230V (Receiver)
Dimensions (HxWxD): 86 x 86 x 36mm (Thermostat), 86 x 86 x 36mm (receiver),



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