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Stellaz Radiator Thermostat

High-performance thermostat enables wireless control of all your home's radiators, ventilation and climate control.

Save energy by controlling individual radiators
4-mode operation – Frost, Comfort, Energy Saving and Direct control
Radiator valve adapters included for easy installation to almost all radiators


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StellaZ is a Z-Wave wireless Thermostat Valve capable of controlling heating, air ventilation and climate control units. The thermostat valve includes temperature sensor, control and actuator functions in a single device allowing stand alone control of a room’s heating/ventilation.

The StellaZ can run in four different operation modes (Frost, Energy Saving, Comfort, Direct Control) and reports the room temperature to the Z-Wave network.

  • Frost Protection: The room’s temperature will be regulated to about 6 °C.
  • Comfort: The temperature will be regulated to a comfortable level – factory default is 22 °C
  • Energy Saving: The temperature will be regulated to a energy saving level – factory default is 18 °C
  • Direct Valve Control: This mode allows the direct control of the valve as percentage value
  • Note: Comfort and Energy Saving modes can have their setpoint changed by the Z-Wave controller

The thermostat valve also includes an ‘Open Window’ function that automatically closes the valve when a window or outside door is opened.

  • Technology: Z-Wave (868.42MHz)
  • Thermostat temperature range: 0 – 50°C
  • Operation Modes: Frost, Comfort, Energy Saving and Direct Vale Control
  • Control: The units Setpoint can be changed by the Z-Wave controller
  • Buttons: Include and Exclude
  • Adapters: Supplied with M30 x 1.5(K) valve adapter
  • Power: 2x AA batteries (1-year lifespan)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 65 x65 48mm




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