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Z-Wave Popp Smoke Detector

Z-Wave Popp Smoke detector is the world's first VdS and EN14604 certified smoke sensor that monitors smoke levels and triggers a loud alarm in case of events like fire. The sensor can be used as a part of your Z-Wave security network to trigger pre-configured actions in case of a fire and can even be used as a standalone device.
World's first certified smoke detector with Z-Wave connectivity

Standalone Smoke Detector
Z-Wave connectivity
Independent Indoor Siren
Battery powered (optional mains power supply available)
Low-battery alarm notification
Easy and Wireless Installation


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    Smoke Detector

    The smoke detector comes with an inbuilt 85 db siren and light signal that gets triggered in events like fire, making it an independent sensor that can be installed in your home, even without a Z-Wave controller.

    The device supports seamless Z-Wave connectivity, and can communicate synchronously with other Z-Wave devices installed in your home, whenever smoke is detected.

    Different scenarios in which the device sends alarm signals to your Z-Wave controller:

    • Fire alarm
    • Battery Level Warning
    • Tamper Protection
    • Fall above or below a temperature range (configurable through Z-Wave)

    The measured temperature values and current battery level can be read out using a Z-Wave controller, and can be used to program customized automation behavior. Apart from sending acoustic and light signals, residents can also configure your Z-Wave network to send text notifications in case of fire.

    Indoor Siren

    Z-Wave Popp Smoke detector can be configured to even work as an independent indoor siren within your Z-Wave home security system, where it listens to signals from sensors like door and window contacts or motion sensors, and sets off an acoustic alarm in case of intrusion.


    Z-Wave Popp Smoke detector is extremely easy-to-install and comes with auto-calibration and auto-testing capabilities, which makes getting started with the device simple, easy, and convenient. It also comes with tamper-proof protection, wherein the device communicates to Z-Wave controller and triggers a loud alarm in case the device is tinkered without notice.

  • Frequency: 868.42 MHz (SRD Band)
  • Wireless Range: Up to 100 m outside, on average up to 20 m inside buildings
  • IP Rating: IP 20, VdS-Number: C208090
  • CPD Number: 0789-CPD-20474
  • Battery Type: 1 * 9 V Block
  • Explorer Frame Support: No
  • Device Type: Slave with routing capabilities
  • Generic Device Class Alarm sensor
  • Routing: No
  • FLiRS: Yes
  • Firmware Version 0.48


Dimensions 56 x 56 x 20 cm

Blue Green



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