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Z-Wave Popp Outdoor Siren

The Popp Z-Wave Dimmer Socket can control any lamp connected to a wall socket socket. You can remotely turn the lamp on or off and control its brightness by using a Z-Wave controller. It also includes a button to enable you to control the lamp manually.

Works with any Z-Wave remote control and has manual override switch
Plugs straight into standard wall outlet
Incandescent, halogen, low voltage (via transformer), LEDs & CFLs
Baby-Dim, Auto-off, max/min dim level functions


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Z-Wave Popp Outdoor Siren – Gen5

Popp Solar Outdoor Siren is a smart wireless alarm that listens for alert signals from other Z-Wave connected home devices in your home, and triggers a loud alarm in case of emergencies. The innovative siren is self-sufficient and does not need any additional supply or batteries, thanks to its large solar panel that provides a stand-by time of up to 50 days.

The smart and compact siren comes with advanced tamper-proof protection that protects the siren from being externally disabled. It communicates with the central controller using high level encryption, so that the signals are not intercepted or manipulated. It also comes with waterproof IP56 protection, so that it can withstand any weather condition, making it perfect for outdoor installations.

Smart Alarm with Loud Sound and Stroboscopic Light

When the alarm is triggered by the Z-Wave controller, Popp Solar Outdoor Siren triggers a very loud sound (105 dBm) and also flashes stroboscopic light instantly, in order to gather instant attention.

No External Power setup or Batteries required.

With Popp Solar Outdoor Siren, you don’t have to worry about the siren not going off, just because it had low batteries. The large solar panel keeps the device alive up to 50 days (without using the siren) on the solar energy of one day, freeing you from the worry of changing batteries.

Tamper Protection

The smart siren also comes with tamper protection. On the attempt to remove the device from the mounting unit, it immediately triggers the siren and reports the attempt to the Z-Wave controller.

Waterproof Protection for Outdoor Installations.

The solar panel can be mounted on nearly every place outside the house, and has been IP56 certified to withstand every weather condition, including rain, wind or snow.




Technical Details

  • Frequency: 868.42 MHz (SRD Band)
  • Acoustic (105 dBm) and Optic (stroboscope light) alarm
  • Battery Type: 1* Solar/ Storage battery: 7.4 V, 2,300 mA
  • Wireless Range: Up to 100 m outside, on average up to 20 m inside buildings
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Waterproof IP-56 Protection
  • Explorer Frame Support: No
  • Device Type: Slave with routing capabilities
  • Generic Device Class: Binary Switch
  • Routing: No
  • FLiRS: No
  • Dimensions: 300x190x68 mm
  • Weight: 893 g



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