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Z-Wave Popp 4 Button Remote

Take Wireless Control of Your Z-Wave devices:
The POPP Remote Control is a 4 button remote control capable of both controlling its own Z-Wave network or acting as secondary mobile controller in a Z-Wave network managed by an IP gateway

Works as Primary or Secondary controller
Controls up to 4 different groups of Z-Wave devices
Handy and light-weight
Runs Scenes and Schedules
Child Safety Mode
Secure Communication


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Popp 4 Button Key Fob

The Key Fob Controller (KFOB-C) is a four button Z-Wave device that has been designed to provide remote and wireless control of Z-Wave devices connected in your home automation network. The four buttons on the keyfob can be used to control devices such as switches, dimmers, thermostats, and even door and window locks. The device is also compact and light-weight, making it one of the easiest and handiest way to wirelessly control all the Z-Wave connected devices in your home.

Control Z-Wave devices

Popp Keyfob controller can be configured to act both as primary and secondary controller to control up to four different groups of Z-Wave devices in your home. When used indoors, the remote control can be configured to operate and control any device that’s within 20 metres of distance.

Trigger Scenes

The smart controller can also be used to trigger customized scenes in the primary controller. Triggering scenes allows you to create a sophisticated home automation setup that configures multiple Z-Wave devices to respond to a situation, and allows you to create a responsive control mechanism.

Ensure Child Safety

Keyfob also comes with a child safety mode, wherein all the operations of the device are temporarily disabled. The safety mode can come handy, if you have children at home, and don’t want them to tinker with your home automation system.

Communicate Securely

Popp Keyfob controller uses enhanced security protocols to communicate securely with the Z-Wave devices in your home automation network. The advanced security feature prevents external entities from taking control of your home automation system, ensuring that the Z-Wave devices connected in your home work in a predictable manner.


  • As manageable as a key remote control
  • Manages own Z-Wave network or works as secondary controller
  • 4 buttons can be assigned free (as single buttons or button pairs)
  • Controls devices directly or triggers complete predefined scenes
  • Standard and enhanced security
  • Smooth and robust housing
  • Sliding cover prevents involuntary touches of the buttons
  • Optimized energy management for longer battery life



  • Frequency: 868.42 MHz
  • IP Rating: IP 20
  • Wireless Range: Up to 100 m outside, on average up to 20 m inside buildings
  • Explorer Frame Support: No
  • Device Type: Portable Controller
  • Routing: No
  • FLiRS: No
  • Battery Type: 1 * CR2032
  • Battery Life: > 2 years
  • Firmware Version: 1.3


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