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Z-Wave Gateway VERA Edge

Easy yet powerful one-app control for Z-Wave Modules, Sensors, Cameras, Door Locks, Thermostats and 100s of other Z-Wave Home Automation and Security devices. Easily view and control devices from anywhere!

Controls up to 220 Z-Wave devices on your network
Connects to the Internet via your home router
Remote access using your PC, smartphone or tablet
Built-in Wi-Fi (Access Point)
Hundreds of free downloadable Vera applications to expand your system


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Total Control in One Simple Solution

VeraEdge: The Controller for Today’s Expanding Smart Home Universe


VERA Edge is a fully featured Z-Wave compatible Internet gateway that enables you to keep connected to your home and business, no matter where you are.

With its fast processor, large memory for downloading apps and high-speed Wi-Fi, VERA Edge is one of the fastest, most affordable gateways on the market, more powerful than ever. Heavy users with multiple device types and plugins will find VERA Edge is up to the challenge. You can add hundreds of devices to your Vera network and even add multiple Veras to your home or small business.

You have unlimited options for scenes, rooms, timers, events and notifications. Read more about using Vera for security, energy saving, home theatre and remote home management.

Affordable home automation control

VERA Edge can control all Z-Wave devices on a network, including sensors, lights and appliances and thermostats.

  • Convenient User Interface
    Its easy-to-follow setup process will have you up and running in no time.
  • Remote Access
    Access your Z-Wave network from anywhere in the world using your PC, smartphone and tablet.
  • Z-Wave Compatibility
    Create your network by selecting devices from more than 1000 Z-Wave certified devices.
  • Expandable Applications
    Enhance your system by downloading from a wide variety of VERA Edge applications.
  • Energy Monitoring
    Brings simple energy monitoring to every home, enabling you to save money right from the start.
  • Geo-Fencing
    Sense who is arriving or leaving based on cell phone location and trigger action from devices.

Z-Wave VERA Edge ipad interface

Don’t worry about the ones your care about

The VERA Edge can help you keep your home and family safe and secure by:

  • Letting you know when people arrive home by sending you a text or email
  • Monitoring your house when you are on holiday
  • Sending live video of the house directly to your PC, smartphone or tablet
  • Help you stay connected with elderly relatives who are living independently

Z-Wave Vera Edge home monitor

Manage your business

Of course, you can also easily manage your business with this device. It will allow you to:

  • Track when employees enter and leave
  • Know that your business has been locked and is secure
  • Set your alarm, lock the doors, turn off the light and turn off the thermostat with just one button.

Additional features

Even though the user interface is simple enough for anybody to use, VERA Edge offers features and customisations normally only seen in high-end systems.

Additional features allow you to stream live plug and play IP cameras so that you can watch your home through your Smartphone or even store footage remotely (for a monthly fee). You can also create applications to offer all VERA Edge users.

Z-Wave VERA Edge interface

  • Limitless Expandability
    Vera integrates Z-Wave with alarm panels, IP cameras, control audio/video, Insteon, X-10, serial devices and more.
  • Video Monitoring
    Stream live video from plug and play IP cameras even on your smartphone; store video footage* on our secure servers that you can access from anywhere. *monthly fee required.
  • Bridge Multiple Vera Devices Over IP
    Enhance the range by bridging 2 or more Vera devices over IP then operate as one controller.
  • Open APIs
    VERA Edge’s home control engine, created by MiOS, has an open architecture allowing you or your developers to create new Apps to offer to all VERA Edge users.

  • CPU:900MHz Quad Core ARM Cortex A7
  • Memory:1GB
  • 8GB Flash Storage (SD Card)
  • Z-Wave: Sigma Designs SM5202
  • Fully Z-Wave Plus certified static controller
  • Support for 48 command classes
  • Enhanced Security
  • Dimensions: 89x71x25mm


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