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Z-Wave Fibaro Wall Plug

Beautifully simple. The Fibaro Wall Plug requires no specialist tools or knowledge – just take it out of the box, plug it in to a mains socket and connect any electrical device. The Wall Plug will measure the power draw of the device in real-time.
View graphs and charts of the energy consumption of your home or business and identify inefficient and wasteful devices. Receive email notifications if an appliance breaks down, or remotely disable devices when you leave the building to save power.


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The Fibaro Z-Wave Wall plug enables you to wirelessly control any appliance connected to it.

But that’s only part of the story.

This ultimate wall plug also shows you how much power is being used, allows you to measure power consumption across days and weeks, and can test the range of your Z-Wave network.

Plug & Play

Simply plug the Fibaro Wall Plug into any electrical outlet, connect an appliance to it, then add it to you Z-Wave network by pressing the ‘B’ button socket. That’s all it takes.

Fibaro Wall Plug - Plug and Play

Power Management

The wall plug features a beautiful full colour crystal LED ring that gives you a visual indication of how much power the appliance is using. The LED ring changes colour depending on how much power is being consumed, starting with blue and moving through green, red and finally violet. It can even send an alarm if the power consumption goes above a preset limit.

Fibaro Wall Plug - Power Management

Energy Monitoring

The wall plug provides a real-time report of energy usage to your Z-Wave central controller. You can see how much power is being used and make decisions on how to save energy (and money), you can also look at historical information, display them in charts and look at your top-5 power hungry appliances.

Fibaro Wall Plug - Energy Monitoring

Z-Wave Network Range Tester

The FIBARO Wall Plug has a unique feature of being able to test the coverage of your Z-Wave network.

Simply press the button on the plug’s casing for a few seconds. The LED’s purple light informs you that the plug is in testing mode, after a few seconds the LED will change colour telling you the Z-Wave converge at that point in your network.

Fibaro Wall Plug - Range Tester

Technology: Z-Wave (868.42MHz)
Maximum load: 2,500W
Voltage: 230V, 50Hz
Ring LED: 16 million colours indicating appliance’s power consumption
Energy Monitoring: current consumption (W) and accumulated consumption (kWh)
Range Tester: Indicates strength, coverage and routing at any point in the Z-Wave network
Overload Alert: Indicates power consumption higher than preset level
Push-button: Include and Exclude from Z-Wave network
Dimensions (diameter x length): 43 x 65mm
Socket Versions: Schuko (type F) and French/Belgium (type E)
Ireland/UK Customers: Please select the Free UK adapter option in the selection box at the top of the page. This adapter will enable you to plug the product into a standard UK wall socket. You will also need a UK to Schuko (EU) adapter to connect your appliance – we don’t supply this as almost everyone has one available.


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