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Electric Radiant Heat Panel

Our range of Award Winning Electric Infrared Heating Panels are the most Efficient Heating solution on the market.

100% Irish made & 100% Z-Wave compatible.
Choose From 400, 500, 800, 1200 & 1500 Watt Panels.

Please see Technical Tab for spec of Panels.

– Reduce your heating bills by 70%
– Perfect for Home & Office
– Running Costs from 7 cents per hour
– 98% Energy efficiency
– Award Winning
– Irish Made

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Our range of infrared heating panels are the most efficient heating solution on the market. 100% Irish made & 100% Z-Wave compatible.

Design and manufactured in Ireland ourrange of electrically operated infrared radiant heat panels that have many benefits over conventional heating systems including energy efficiency, lower power consumption, low maintenance, easy retro fit capabilities and very low running costs.

They do not disrupt the air, so dust, allergens and mould spores are not moved through the air like with conventional heating methods. All our panels are carbon neutral, which will help you reduce your carbon foot print.

We have successfully installed 100s of Radiant Heating Panels throughout Ireland. Offices, Crèches, Veterinary Clinics, Monastery’s, SVDP Charity Shops, B&Bs.

Some benefits of using our Radiant Heating Panels include:

– Reduce your heating bills by 70%.
– Reduce your oil and gas consumption by up to 70%
– Running Costs from 7 cents per hour.
– 98% Energy efficiency – For every kilowatt of power consumed, 98% is given back in the form of heat.
– Reduces condensation & Prevents mould growth.
– Can be wall or ceiling mounted.
– Can be controlled via Thermostats and PIR sensors.
– Life span of 25 years.
– Maintenance free.
– Panels are not vulnerable to leaks or burst pipes.
– Will not dry out the air.
​- Can be zoned to heat only the rooms that are being used.
​- Can be customised with any high resolution image.
– Easily retro fitted.
– Come with a 5 Year Warranty.

Infrared Heat Panels produce heat that is similar to the heat produced by the sun. The Infrared rays emitted are easily absorbed by the items in your home, which gently increases the temperature of their surroundings. As cool surfaces heat up, Infrared Heat Panels raise the ambient temperature of the room. Besides warming up your home, Infrared Heat Panels provide many other benefits.

1. Instant Heat

Infrared Heat Panels provide optimum heating temperature after 3 Minutes.​Instead of warming the air like other conventional heaters, Infrared Heat Panels heat objects directly in their paths. Heating the air wastes energy and the benefits of the heat aren’t felt immediately. The rays produced by Infrared Heat Panels penetrate and warm you beneath the skin.
The Infrared rays radiate outward, heating all nearby objects, producing a widespread effect. This all happens within 3 Minutes, with no need to wait for the heat to buildup.

2. Cost Effective​
The benefit of any space heater is zone heating. With an Infrared heater, heating only the parts of your home that you’re using at any given time is possible. When you aren’t heating your entire home, you’ll save money on your heating bill. Infrared Heat Panels can save you up to 30-70% on heating costs. Actual savings vary depending on insulation, ceiling height, type of construction and other factors.

3. Minimal Maintenance
Nobody wants to be burdened with a bunch of maintenance tasks. Because Infrared Heat Panels have no moving parts, maintenance is almost non-existent. There are no motors to wear out, air filters to replace or boilers to maintain.

4. Fully customisable heating system
Integrate with your home heating system.Create Zones in Your home for ultimate control. Ability to utilise with Thermostats, timersand PIR sensors

5. Infrared Heat Panels are inaudable
When in noise-sensitive environments such as bedrooms or studies, finding a heater that doesn’t operate loudly is important. There are no moving parts or fan blades whirring on Infrared Heat Panels, therefore they deliver heat silently.

6. Comfortable, Gentle Heat

Infrared Heat Panels can make you comfortable indoors no matter what the temperature is outdoors. Also, Infrared Heat Panels aren’t affected by drafts or wind.

7. Environmentally Friendly

This day in age, the earth’s resources must be used responsibly. Infrared Heat Panels operate without any carbon combustion, no toxic by-products of combustions, no open flame, and no fuel lines to leak. They add nothing to the air and take nothing away from the air, making them environmentally friendly.

8. Energy Efficient

Infrared Heat Panels use a substantially lower amount of energy than conventional heaters. Some Infrared Heat Panels can operate on as low as 300 watts of electricity and 800 watts is enough power to provide heating to a room. Also, there’s no need to turn on the heater in advance to pre-heat the room because heat is delivered instantly.

9. No Dry Heat

Unlike conventional heaters that draw moisture out of the air as a part of their heating process, Infrared Heat Panels don’t produce dry heat. This way you can avoid uncomfortable side effects such as itchy eyes and throat.


Technical Details

Radiant Heat Panels

  • Power Consumption – 400/800/1200 Watt
  • Size – 400 ( 565x565mm ) 800 (1195 x 595mm ) 1200 ( 1635 x 545mm )
  • Running Costs – 400 (7c ) 800 (14c) 1200 (21c ) Per Hour
  • Electric Powered – Plug in or Wire into Home system
  • Line Voltage 220/240
  • Efficiency – >98%
  • Add a Z-Wave Controller for maximum Control & Efficiency


Please choose a Panel Size

400 Watt :- €285.00, 800 Watt :- €360.00, 1200 Watt :- €420.00


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