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Fibaro Dimmer Bypass 2

Enables Fibaro Dimmer module to control lamps which have a power of less than 50W

  • Only use with the Fibaro Dimmer 2 module.
  • Supports low-power lamps such as LEDs
  • Installs inside the light fitting
  • Easy DIY installation


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Fibaro Dimmer Bypass 2

The Dimmer Bypass enables theFibaro Dimmer 2module to control lamps which have a power of less than 50W. It is ideal for use with low-power LED lamps.

The Fibaro Dimmer 2 and Dimmer Bypass can only be used with lamps that are ‘dimmable’. Before buying this product, please confirm that your lamp can be dimmed.

Fibaro Dimmer Bypass 2

Technology: Z-Wave (868.42MHz)

  • Lead Length: 90mm
  • Power supply: 100-240 V~ 50/60 Hz
  • Operating temperature: 0-35°C
  • Dimensions: 31 x 21,6 x 13 mm
  • Power consumption: < 1,4 W


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