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Getting Started with Z-Wave


If you want to buy a Z-Wave-based smart home solution, you need to start by choosing a Z-Wave hub (Also called a Gateway). The hub becomes the brain of your smart home, connecting you and your devices via an app on your phone, tablet or computer ( Think of how your broadband router connects all your devices to the internet ). Once you select your hub, you can start selecting more Z-Wave devices to complete your system such as: Lighting Dimmers, Thermostats, Sensors, Security Products and much more. The beauty of Z-Wave devices is that you can start with one or two modules/sensors and add to the system as and when you want to. Be careful tho.. Its addictive. Why not try some of our starter bundles HERE.


Z-Wave Hubs/Gateways.

Z-Wave Gateway devices are the brains of your home automation system. Along with being the central hub of your home’s Z-Wave network, these devices also communicate with your home’s modem/router, allowing you to control all the devices connected through your home automation system via the Internet.


Z-Wave sensors are the building blocks of your home automation network, providing the ability to monitor a number of scenarios such as security and energy usage. This allows you to build the home automation network to provide safety for your family and also save money on your power bills.

Types of Sensors

Multisensor – Ability to measure temperature, humidity, motion and light in one unit, like the Aeon Labs Multisensor or Fibaro Motion Sensor, and send the signals back to your controller to automatically adjust heating & cooling levels or turn on/off lights when someone enters/exits a room.

Motion Sensor – A Motion Detector can be used to detect if somebody is at the front door or in the garden and trigger security alarms/cameras and send you a text or email.

Smoke Sensor – Be able to detect a fire with smoke and heat sensors, like the Fibaro Smoke sensor. Warn your family to the danger with a loud siren or be able to alert via email or text if not at home.

Door & Window Sensor – Easy to install, detect opening/closing and sound alarm, turn on lights or send you an email/text depending on the scene you set in main controller.

Siren – Can be used in conjunction with your other sensors to detect intrusion, smoke, water break, etc. and trigger an alarm and/or flash strobe light.

Temperature & Humidity – Install in a room and set levels at which the heating and cooling will turn on/off and report readings back to the controller for monitoring & adjustment.

Water/Flood – Install in your basement or under the sink and send alarms to you before further damage occurs.



Z-Wave Modules allow you to take wireless control of electronic appliances and other lighting sources in your home. These independent modules retrofit into existing light switches and plugs, and can be configured to work in conjunction with other Z-Wave devices in your home automation network.

Types of Modules

Dimmers – For Lighting applictions – Dimmers allow you to vary the brightness of light sources in your home to create beautiful lighting effects and conserve energy. Compatible with green lighting technologies such as LED and compact fluorescent lamps, and can be easily installed behind light switches and other fixtures. View graphs and charts of the energy consumption of your home or business and identify inefficient and wasteful devices. Dimmers allows you to create scenes that can be recalled at the touch of a button or scheduled to take place under certain conditions – such as gently lighting the way to the bathroom at night, or illuminating your driveway as you arrive home.  Our Lighting products can be found HERE
Relays – Relay Switchs can be used to switch electronic devices on and off, either at will or in response to stimuli (eg Smoke detected in Kitchen by a sensor, tells the relay to turn oven off/fan on ) . Use relays to turn your boiler on before you wake, ready for your morning shower, or to activate your ventilation system in response to rising humidity. Relay Switches allow the incorporation of a wide variety of electrical equipment into your Z-Wave system. NB Please check max load of relays to insure proper integration with electrical devices.
Heating – Z-Wave thermostat and heating modules give you complete control of your home heating. They automatically control your central boiler, individual rooms or even each radiator in your house and can be managed wherever you are (even remotely). You can see our range of heating products HERE
Roller Shutter – Incorporate motorised blinds, curtains, awnings and windows into your Z-Wave system and make the best use of natural light. The Roller Shutter module allows precise control and positioning of motorised window treatments and other features such as garage doors.


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