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Z-Wave is a world-standard wireless technology that lets all your home electronics talk to each other, and to you, via remote control. It uses simple, reliable, low-power radio waves that easily travel through walls, floors and cabinets, without interference from the other wireless devices you might have in your home.
Z-Wave control can be added to almost anything electronic, even devices that you wouldn’t ordinarily think of as “intelligent,” such as appliances, window shades, thermostats and lights.
Z-Wave unifies all your home electronics into an integrated wireless network, with no complicated programming and no new cables to run. Any Z-Wave enabled device can be easily added to your existing home network, and many non-Z-Wave devices can be made compatible by simply plugging them into a Z-Wave accessory module. In seconds, your device gets joined to the network and can communicate wirelessly with other Z-Wave modules and controllers.
Z-Wave lets you control these devices in ways that give you complete command even when you’re not at home yourself. You can control your Z-Wave household remotely from a PC and the Internet from anywhere in the world…even through your mobile phone!

Z-Wave is Simple

Z-Wave control is easily added to almost any device in minutes. Simply plug the device you want to control into a Z-Wave module, and “join” it to your Z-Wave network!

Z-Wave is Scalable

With Z-Wave, you can add as much or as little home control as you want over time.  You can add Z-Wave to a device, a room, a floor or the entire home, according to your needs.

Z-Wave is Affordable

Unlike costly whole-home control systems that need special wiring and professional installation, Z-Wave is accessible and easy for the do-it-yourselfer.

Z-Wave is Powerful

Z-Wave’s intelligent networking ‘understands” the present status of any enabled device, and gives you confirmation that your devices have received the automatic or manual control commands you want.

Z-Wave is Compatible

Z-Wave is the only interoperable wireless communication standard of its type.  It’s brand-agonistic; you’re not stuck having to buy from just one manufacturer or supplier.

Z-Wave is Intelligent

Z-Wave can greatly enhance your convenience and peace of mind.  Have your door locks notify you when your kids arrive home from school. Monitor and assist daily activity for loved ones aging in place.  Cut your energy bills without trying.  See who’s at the door from your smartphone when you’re away at work or on vacation.  Z-Wave can make all this happen and more.

Z-Wave delivers on all the promises of the wired home, and opens up exciting new possibilities for the home of the future. And that future is here now, because over 1350 Z-Wave enabled products are already  available, from some of the best-known brands that you already know and trust.

Get to know how Z-Wave makes your home — and your life — safer, more secure, more economical, more convenient and more enjoyable!

10 thinghs

  • Easy to install.
  • Retrofittable – Does not require any rewiring!
  • Quick response – Scenes are activates in a matter of seconds.
  • Affordable – Get started with minimum investment and easily add on more products as required.
  • Reliable – Over ten years in the market.
  • Secure – Same encryption as online banking.
  • Lots of choices -1000s of products from top manufacturers – All fully interoperable with each other.
  • Already 50 million products in homes worldwide.
  • Biggest brand names use Z-Wave – ADT, LG, Danfoss, Panasonic, and many more.
  • 9 out of 10 leading security companies use Z-Wave.



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